First Update

Hello and welcome to my first blog post about a small project I am working on in my spare time, it is a player for Subsonic Radio, a website that plays Disney theme park audio and music. For years I've been using the apps and programs developed by Andrew Poole, however they have not been … Continue reading First Update


GTX 960 Maxed Out Also available on “So then,” I said to myself, “what can this card really do?” So I decided to find out, and here are my results. Timings: Half-Life 2: 1:31 Portal 2: 2:16 Dota 2: 3:00 The Crew: 3:45 Grid: Autosport: 4:08 Dirt 3: 4:39 Unreal 4 Demos: 4:45 Unreal Tournament: 5:56 Evolve … Continue reading GTX 960 Maxed Out