Second Anniversary Video Delayed

So after much thought tonight I have decided to delay my second anniversary Paladins video to the release of the next patch for Paladins which should be OB64 launching around the 30th November 2017. Although the video is in a state where it would be available to view in some form or another on tomorrow, … Continue reading Second Anniversary Video Delayed


GTX 960 Maxed Out Also available on “So then,” I said to myself, “what can this card really do?” So I decided to find out, and here are my results. Timings: Half-Life 2: 1:31 Portal 2: 2:16 Dota 2: 3:00 The Crew: 3:45 Grid: Autosport: 4:08 Dirt 3: 4:39 Unreal 4 Demos: 4:45 Unreal Tournament: 5:56 Evolve … Continue reading GTX 960 Maxed Out