Just a quick blog post detailing what is happening with the patch notes breakdown series and where I’ve got to.

First off let’s talk about what happened with the series. As you may, or may not be aware, I have been doing the series regularly for a while (Since CB 24):

It’s been through many iterations and variations, never being able to settle on a style as I have been consistently unhappy with it’s visual aesthetic, not including enough game play, involving too much game play etc. And the final nail in the coffin for the old ways of doing things was this comment I received on the last one I did, for OB 44:


Not to throw any disrespect to the guy, I actually thank him for giving me some good ideas for how to readdress some of the issues I’ve been having with the series. Make it short form and go into more detail in a podcast that I originally had reserved for something else, the Morale Boost Podcast, here’s episode 1:

Great, so where are you with that?

Well I’ve got most of the ground work done for the new look PNBD, but at the moment the file structure is a bit of a mess, like, a real mess. So I’m spending time on polishing that up nicely for you however a few things have been getting in the way, something about university work being a pain. Two big arse assignments going at the same time:

One involves an mbed:

Look, here it is in the process of crashing because the memory stick I had to hand wasn’t formatted correctly, YAY!

And one involves generating a sine wave and outputting it to an image file in C, as referenced to briefly in this blog post.

When’s the series coming back?

Soon-ish. It’s the Easter Holidays starting soon so that should free me up a little bit but exams and the aforementioned coursework. Oh well, back to work I guess


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