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“So then,” I said to myself, “what can this card really do?” So I decided to find out, and here are my results.

Half-Life 2: 1:31
Portal 2: 2:16
Dota 2: 3:00
The Crew: 3:45
Grid: Autosport: 4:08
Dirt 3: 4:39
Unreal 4 Demos: 4:45
Unreal Tournament: 5:56
Evolve Stage 2: 6:38
War Thunder: 6:55
GTA V: 8:14


Benchmark Videos (Some are still processing/uploading but they will be there soon!)


One thought on “GTX 960 Maxed Out

  1. Hey, thanks for checking out this short but rigourous test of the gtx 960. This is possibly the biggest challenge I have undertaken since starting the channel so it would be great to hear your feedback!


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