Creative writing has always been something that I’ve been interested in but every attempt I’ve ever had of it has been somewhat unsuccessful. Well when I say unsuccessful I mean apart from my GCSEs which were rather quite good for English (but they were important so I guess it was good that I put some care and attention into them).

So then, let’s think, what can I write about? Well I’m quite big on technology but I don’t seem to producing as much of that as I possibly could because money. Well I could talk about Paladins, but I already have a place for thatand besides, you’re probably sick of me talking about that anyway. Well, I guess I’ll just resort to my ultimate tactic: whatever is on my mind!

It’s perfect, because that way there’s never a continuing theme, if I just want to rant about how rubbish tea cosy’s are then I will just do that. But I will try to stick as close to the subject matter of technology because hey, I sure do love it.

So welcome to my periodical wordy page thing! Also includes photos, like these:


Let me know what you think!

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