Allo is Google’s new messaging service, and I have a few problems with it but apparently different problems to other people. Maybe it’s just person specific but allo seems to have really missed some rather obvious things that they should’ve included in the app.

But of course we must address one major issue, the hype surrounding this app. Allo was announced at Google IO 2016and instantly the android community went nuts with speculation and theory crafting and upon release we were all disappointed, IO 2016 was literally WYSIWYG. And that’s not exactly their fault but to put a summer release date on the product and leave it to the last possible moment to release didn’t exactly help their case.

Anyway I have far bigger issues with it than SMS fallback or indeed the handy addition of a desktop client. No, my main issue with it is that it’s just there, like, it’s not really doing anything special. It’s design is sparse with some very harsh whites, the background is very Google+ like even though the app is trying desperately to distance itself from that service, it even relies on a separate app to use video with no voice only option and it’s main headlining feature doesn’t even do half the stuff it even says it can do. WHAT’S THE BLOODY POINT THEN?

Recently I’ve had to start using WhatsApp messenger because my halls of residence use it to communicate with each other and since using this I can see exactly who this app is aimed towards, people who want a messenger app like WhatsApp but isn’t owned by Facebook. And do you know what, that’s a very big potential at the moment considering some of the changes Facebook are proposing and allo is a perfect fit for that: it has nearly all the features of WhatsApp with a questionably more modern design, links to your phone number so can be used without a Google account and just works with next to no setup required, what’s not to like?

For me allo does not do enough to differentiate itself from the pack but if you’re looking for a simple and easy messaging service that’s compatible between iOS and android then it very much is the perfect choice… oh and for those who are sick of Facebook’s stuff with their respective messaging platforms and shady business practices.

Soon I’ll do a run down of all the main messaging apps available because I am curious myself as to which one is potentially the best.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the future!


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