Oh it’s that time again. I’m rarely active on my own website par for the few times I pop my head out to complain about things and this time it’s our good ol’ pals over at YouTube once again making that jaw hit the floor.

As we are all well aware, YouTube has departed far from its roots of being a place to upload clips of things that you’ve seen and is more akin to a TV studio only allowing for the highest budget stuff that will rake in “the money”. This has been successively proven once again by YouTube removing yet another video of mine intended for a small Reddit audience so it was of a surprise to me when this email came through to me for the second time this year from them:

For the second time this year I find myself with a strike on my account, now admittedly they had recently changed how strikes work so it isn’t that big of a deal anymore as I still have access to everything but to be honest I really don’t want it sitting there considering how much of a time bomb this website can be sometimes.

What always makes me laugh is the line which reads:

It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content to YouTube

Which is funny because “large amount” and “content” don’t go hand in hand with me on YouTube (which my subscriber count clearly shows)

Not to point the blame or anything but why do I keep getting targeted for strikes and takedowns when I am using YouTube as it originally was intended to be used, as a video hosting site which has never once actually broken any community guidelines when you have channels out there with VERYquestionable content that could also be seen as potentially breaking the law with some of the things they get away with. And if YouTube is no longer able to do its role then please could someone point me in a direction as to where I could find a website competent enough to do its job?

Thank you very much for reading

P.S. To my subscribers who do read this, thank you for sticking with me, it’s things like this that make me not want to produce content for fear that a video I spent days working on gets taken down like this. But more videos will be on the way I promise pending review of this issue


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