Here we are again, it’s that time of year isn’t it? Welcome to the pit of the internet that I like to call my lair, here you can find written companions to my videos as well as exclusive written content. Isn’t that exciting?

Still working on the site every now and then so it’s not 100% ready but boy am I glad to have pages back again, oh how I’ve missed those!

To wet your appetite, here is one of my favourite videos that I have worked on recently detailing the year in which Paladins: Champions of the realm has been in beta, and what a wild year that was!

Well that’s it for this page, don’t forget that there is a forum now as well for you to be able to chat rubbish about the things I talk about (and more) to my face, @ me on twitter @jrmswell

I also write for Paladins News Network which can be found here